Friday, August 31, 2007

Escalante Bound for Everett Ruess Days

Just letting people know that we will be going to Escalante for Everett Ruess Days Art Festival. Go to I have reserved a booth to sell jewelry and rugs. It is October 5-6. I am busily working on preparations for that. The Grand Staircase theme and all. I am working on a new Grand Staircase Collection named after actual geographical features in or around that monument. Petrified Forest, Pine Creek, Boulder Mountain, Sand Creek, Silver Falls Creek, Blue Spruce Camp, Sugarloaf, Waterpocket Fold, Sunset Flat, Pinto Mare Mesa, Hole in the Rock, King Mesa, Peekaboo Gulch, Brimstone, Red Breaks, Horse Pasture Mesa, Purple Hills, Oyster Shell Reef, Tarantula Mesa, Burr Trail, Anasazi Park....just to name a few options.
I do have another blogspot for my business. Just go to the link at the side, dreampacker newsletter.


Sonnet 27 said...

So, whoa. I just checked out your profile and your other blog and I must have very good taste and exciting interests. And I don't say that entirely because they are so close to mine. ( :p )
Have you read "Colour Energy" by Inger Naess? It's all about your dominant color energy and how it manisfests itself in your personality and life and how to be more balanced. That book got me into color energy, chakras, and, of course, gemstones. I love that you work with gemstones. How did you come to be interested in that kind of thing?
And, it might be a bit much to hope, but have you ever studied totem animals?
Thanks for posting on my blog...I like yours a lot, too. Beautiful painting and stables.

Ahenobarbus Textor said...

I want to see the jewelry named "Hell's Backbone."


DreamPacker said...

So do I. That really gets me thinking. I did order an carved agate rattlesnake tail. (REALLY!!) hoping to combine it with SOMETHING. I haven't ordered any bone beads yet... And...I will be posting on the blog soon how I got interested in gemstones and energy work.