Saturday, April 19, 2008

Apricot Popcorn

Is doing that "popping" thing right on schedule
I have been helping to answer phone calls at work on the Economic Stimulus Rebate. (Believe me, I know it all now) Even though, this is an Individual issue, we Business people were helping out due to the huge amount of calls.
When I was in Colorado visiting last week, I got some chances to bond with the cute grandkidlets. Mitch had just been shopping for a bunch of new clothes and seemed a little bit concerned about spending a lot of money for clothes.
I thought I would help him feel better and told him how spending money stimulates the economy. He asked "What's the economy?" So, I told him about the exchange of money, goods, services, etc.
Later on in the evening, I was told that Mitch asked about getting some new component for an "X" box (or something). His dad explained that it was a lot of money to spend. To which he replied, "But, it will help out the economy!"
How cute is that, coming from a 9 year old!?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Captivating Colorado

Through one sheep herd and at least three snow stormsParking lot where I parked, about 3/4 mile from the Ranch where we stayed:

Four pins from Utah. I met one of the others from Sandy. Her husband is a pastor.
View from the ranch looking East.

Hmmm. Good food. One of the lunch salad bars in addition to the regular lunch.
The "Screamer". I didn't try it, but was slightly tempted. Just don't care for those intense adrenalin rushes. It was jumping off a platform, then the ropes swung back and forth for about 5 minutes.
I did try the natural hot springs heated pools. Great!
The top of a rappelling platform.

The Captivating Retreat was just simply awesome. There were 450 women from all over the world including Sweden, Switzerland and Australia. I was told that over 10,000 applied for the lottery and some had been waiting 2-3 years for acceptance. I will be recapping some of the highlights in future posts and hope to share some insights I gained through interaction with all these Christian women who are seeking to develop a relationship with the Savior.