Saturday, August 30, 2008

Muggle--August 27, 2007 to August 30, 2008

Muggle was chosen out of his litter of six to stay with our family. He was such a sweet, loving cat. He did his own thing, loving to hunt--mice, rats, shrews, birds, grasshoppers, rabbits. But, mostly he just followed us around the yard, climbing trees while we picked peaches or apricots. Nibbling blackberries, following around doing chores. He loved having his tummy scratched and cuddling. He had complete trust in us.
This morning, he came in hobbling on three legs, meowing for our attention and comfort. His right rear leg appeared to be broken with the bone showing through and nasty wound. We don't know what happened, but assume that he tangled with a car. He was just beginning to venture out on the road by himself. We rushed him to the vet, to see if something could be done to treat and set the leg. However, it was badly broken and would have required extensive orthopedic surgery and even then might lose the leg. We made the decision to put him to sleep and then brought him home and buried him close by.
He will be missed by all. Especially, the neighbor girls, who would ring our door bell and ask "Can your cat play with us?"
Daggone, I am having a hard time with this one. Sniff***

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Horse Show

It was fun for Stargirl who rode "Captain" and Wildkid who rode Shrek, in the lead line class. They loved their prizes and blue ribbons.Shrek won Grand Champion Gelding of All Breeds....under Wildbound's expert handling.

Me, all decked out as a warrior woman in leopardskin for the costume class.

The actual blue ribbon winner of the costume class. She deserved it!! Painting her horse to look like a zebra!
It was a long, hot evening and day. It was fun watching Wildbound and Shrek compete in the jumping class. Shrek had never even seen those kind of jumps.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Paradise at 10,000 feet

First ride on Tuesday evening to Bonny Lake.

Cammy tries out Shrek at beautiful lily filled Scudder Lake on the Highline Trail.

Finally made it to Naturalist Basin after 7 miles and 3 hours of ROCKY trail. This brought back memories of when I hiked this same trail 38 years ago with my sister and mom. We had horses to carry our gear.

The only lake we saw in Naturalist Basin, Gatman Lake. Rio and Wildbound went wading.

Another view of Bonny Lake looking East.

The kids enjoying a log on Bonny Lake.

Campfire fun, roasting hot dogs, corn and marshmallows for Smores. Thank you JT and Little T for bringing the treats!

Hmmm. Can I have the one on the end?
After everyone left on Thurs. Cowboy and I found a pristine trail in an enchanted peaceful forest. It was filled with trees, gardens, brooks....

mossy knolls....

and eventually a beautiful waterfall. Such an incredible spirit here. I could have stayed here for hours....days.

Friday morning sunrise on Bald Mountain.
Friday morning we packed up and set out to do the Stillwater Fork up to Hell's Hole Lake. However, the trail was blocked by marshes and beaver dam lakes. Instead we rode up Gold Hill Road, found some wonderful cantering trails and this tiny unamed lake. Very rocky road again, but nice.
Fabulous trip. I must say I enjoy this part of Uintas the best. The forests are more lush, more wildflowers and water features. I think I'd like to make this trip again next year!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

What will you Do now?

The answer is "anything I want to". It is official now, retirement from the Treasury Dept. That doesn't mean retirement from work. It is now a "Point of choice". Notice below a photo of some co-workers wishing me well. They made me a banner that said "Happy Trails ". I have many good memories for the 20 plus years spent there. My favorite position was that of an instructor for Account Adjustments and Customer Service. I was able to incorporate my creative skills. My other favorite job was Customer Service on the phones, answering phone calls from all over the U.S. Helping people. I was one of the "good guys".
JT hosted a little family get-together honoring my retirement. We had fun and food and a little volleyball. Yeah, JT! Look at that expression. Also look at the Rock, who slid into a mud puddle. Sorry, I missed that action on film.

MD, way to go.

Tristano's serve.

A nice time was had by all. Thank you, family for your support and love!
I will now be pursuing aromatherapy, jewelry, rug-making, sewing, quilt making, healthy food preparation, regular exercise, horse-back riding, spending quality time in Nature and with family and perhaps some Life Coaching. I have even toyed with the idea of working one day a week at Snow Basin in the ticket booth. Maybe with free ski passes, I would take up skiing again. Who knows?