Saturday, February 27, 2010

Johnson Canyon Hike

   Brandon recommended the Johnson Canyon/Arch trail just south of Snow Canyon.  It is only open until March 15 when they close it to hiking because of the wildlife (mostly desert tortoises) and the only water access for the summer months.
Johnson Arch (look closely, because it is backgrounded by rocks)
The water source at the top of the canyon.
I used the timer feature on my camera as I hiked this one alone.
Rocks under water.
Had to hike through some lava rock. This was a very fun hike. Highly recommended if you are in the area October 31 - March 15.

Saturday, we had planned a hike with my Uncle Scott to Purgatory and Babylon (gotta love those names), but got rained out.  Bethany and I went to the Art Show at Dixie college.  This one was my favorite, of clouds in Capitol Reef.  It also won Best of Show and was for sale for $5,000.
This one was my second favorite called Twelve Pears.  I love the color, contrast, texture, movement and energy in a so called "still" life.
This was my third favorite, a pastel portrait of a little cowboy and his dog. This show is well worth going to if you are in the area.  I believe it goes until the end of March.  I definitely want Bob to enter it next year!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Red Cliffs Getaway Days 1-2

Last weekend I went walkabout (or drive-a-bout)  First, began with a stop at the Meadow Hot Springs where I had the place to myself for a few minutes until some Mexicans showed up.  Arrived at Beth's for a delicious spaghetti and meatballs dinner.  I attended an amazing concert at the St. George Tabernacle featuring pianist and composer Kerry Henderson and also the inventor of the Electronic Valve Instrument, with whom she did several duets.  I wish I had taken my camera there.  The EVI was incredible.  One instrument sounded like violins or trumpets or clarinets or oboes. The next morning featured a hike on the Chuckwalla Trail with about 15 ladies.It was great  fun to meet so many interesting women. 

The view to the left is of Kerry's home where the retreat was held.After the hike, I took a tour of the Jacob Hamlin homestead in Santa Clara.  This is his original saddle.

I really liked this hurricane lamp.  Named because the slots in it were designed to keep the wind from blowing it out.
After the tour, it was back to Kerry Henderson's home for a fabulous lunch.  Cabbage salad, Shrimp Cocktail salad, Home made tortillas (wow), and assorted  fresh salsas.  Dessert was almond date balls and beet cupcakes.
The view from Kerry's front yard toward the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. After lunch, we had an informative and inspirational presentation on embracing a healthier life style.
Back at Beth's we went on a hike along the Santa Clara.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Earl the "Pearl"

this poster was in Earl's dining room
Actually I never heard that he was called The Pearl until I read the obit.


Practicing for the musical numbers.

Scott..Earl's brother

Leraine playing the didigeroo

Faith and Earl have an interesting garden.
Bob, talking with Tawakul, who planned the service
Earl wanted everyone to have a good time