Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Miniature Waterpockets and ??????

Waterpockets in the Red Rock sandstone right at MRR... Ferny plants...aren't they cute?
Woodruff and comfrey...Anybody want some? We have plenty of "starts".

Dandelion in the Woodruff and Aspen grove...

An absolutely gorgeous Mandevilla...a gift from the JT family. Thank you!

Cowboy Bob riding above the canal...We are so blessed to be able to get on the horses and within a few minutes, ride through meadows, sage hills, oak groves, by tiny waterfall streams...

With spectacular mountain views...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Love those Spring photo opportunities

First item....There will also be apricots. They're already growing. Hmmm. I think we all know what this beautiful weed is...

Heavenly scented Viburnum

Also heavenly scented, but a little more common Lilac

Just a few yards from the MRR, there is a hillside covered with Arrowleaf Balsam Root. Beautiful Yellow flowers. They are not CALLED sunflowers, but in fact they ARE a in, they follow the sun.

To get this awesome photo, I had to lie down on the ground and physically turn the flower away from the the sun to get the backlighting.
This lovely little flower I am fairly sure is Foothill Death Camas. As in, it is extremely toxic and has caused death in animals and humans (who mistakenly ate the bulbs thinking they were Camas Lilies the edible kind).
Another view of the Death Camas. I didn't realize what it was until I got home and looked in the Wildflower book.
A charming view of the Carpet Phlox (what cuties!)

This shrub/tree is presently not identified. It is the only tree around that has brilliant red leaves in the spring! Guesses anyone??

Serviceberry blossoms...pretty now, but wait til they turn into obnoxious little dark purple splotches all over everything courtesy of the birds.
June grass in May....
Hmmm... Bones by the MRR. Possibly a deer.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


View of South Six Shooter Peak from Indian Creek valley The Hike: Begin at Elephant Hill trailhead....that's the trail???

"Wait for me...I thought the trail was supposed to be level"
We had a few clouds...not NEARLY enough for Maud'Dib.

This lizard posed for several minutes for a photo shoot. He was ok as long as I didn't try to pet him...

One of those DYCs. (Darn Yellow Composites)

An example of why it's called "The Needles District"

This black bumble bee was HUGE...that blossom was an inch in diameter.

I called this one "Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting"
I looked at the map and decided that the planned route looked way too long for me. So, I took the short route to the beginning of the Druid Arch spur, hiked a mile almost to Chesler Park, met the guys, hiked back the Arch spur, then found an overhang with soft sand to nap and rest. Yes, I missed some of the most spectacular scenery including Druid Arch and Joint Canyons, but I still had a wonderful hike. I covered probably 7.5 miles, while the guys went 15. I did run out of water, taking only 2 liters. One of the "highlights" was--hiking by myself I came upon a steep rock face about 7 feet tall on the trail that I couldn't figure out how to get up by myself. A Japanese couple came down the trail and I helped them find the best way down, giving them a hand. Finally, I threw my pack on the top of the ledge, did some maneuvering on my back, got some toe holds and grabbed on some outcroppings and MADE IT. We did have to come back down that way, but I had the guys to help me down. DB, Rock, Tristano, all of you rock climbers that know how much I don't like climbing; You would have been proud of me!