Sunday, June 24, 2007

Uintas Expedition

We were guided by the Forest Devas to beautiful forests and meadows, countless streamlets, a gorgeous river. All within easy hiking distance. Breathtaking views of mountains closeby. We parked at the Christmas Meadows Trailhead and found access to great horse and people trails. I think it's prettier than China Meadows and nearly 2 hours closer to home.
Our overnight campground right on the Stillwater Fork River. Wonderful River lullaby sounds. Riverfront beaches and sand piles. Wildflowers. Not too bad for getting a campsite on a Friday night at 5 pm.

Butterfly Lake on the way out the next morning. This photo was taken from one of the camp sites that was not being used on a Saturday morning. I kept asking, where are the crowds??. (We found them later at the Trial lake trail head)

Trailblazer taking a GPS reading on a snow bank. (There were only a few.)

Unamed frog pond between Butterfly and Castle Lakes.

Looking East from Castle Lake.

No need to hike or ride a horse 11 miles to get a glimpse of a Red Castle Lake. Yes, there is a Castle Lake that is breathtaking and is only a half mile from the road. It is a kid-friendly hike. (But, no trail). No, it's not Red, but has Solitude and beauty....(at least until the boy scouts from Camp Steiner find it for the season).

View of Christmas Meadows

Nice Trail, Stillwater Fork

Full of streamlets and rivulets, but didn't HAVE to wade through any. 

Monday, June 11, 2007

Lake Powell 2007

Just a few photos to document that the camera and venturers made it back safely and with memories to last a lifetime

Campsite #1, Willow Creek

Makes me look like I actually rode a Wave Runner.

Campsite #2, Iceberg Canyon

Dancing Angels at the mouth of Clear Creek.

Desert Evening Primrose, Iceberg Canyon

Some more photos that others have not posted. Please see Wildbound, DesertBound or Sayyadina for more pics and stories.
Tamarisk framed dead trees~Iceberg canyon Campsite #2 View

Cute pic of NAM playing in Willow Creek.