Wednesday, January 3, 2007

2006 in review

I remember about 2006....Bob wanting to buy me a new car.
Going for a test drive in a used Pilot that had some problems, including really negative enregy vibes. Finally deciding on a brand new car in the invisible, invincible color of Laboradorite (Sagebrush).
Roadtrip in the new Pilot with Teisha and kids to Arches to “camp” with Bethany’s family and friends. Playing house in the desert.
Sleeping in my new Pilot and setting off the alarm at midnight by rolling over the keys. Waking the entire camp up. Hiking the Fiery Furnace. One of my favorite hikes EVER. Wearing 5 layers including gloves. Impressing everyone with another rollover move in the slot canyon.
Our fabulous road trip to Arches, Sedona and visiting my sister Melanie. Gathering agate in the desert and sleeping in the back of the Pilot in the middle of nowhere. Trying to hike the Fiery Furnace, this time with Bob, but getting lost on the way in and never seeing much of it.
Helping Kira get their house ready to sell. Moving plants, furniture, rugs, etc over there to make it look good. Having it sell on the first day of their open house. Thanks to Sandy for being such an awesome agent and “stager”.
Hurting my back, arm and shoulder somehow and having that drag on for over 3 weeks. Not being able to sit up for Quincy’s baptism. Wearing a sling.Teisha and Aaron Looking for a place to live in St. George.
Being inspired to give Teisha a watercolor painting lesson on the morning of May 24. Finally, being pain-free and wanting to go riding for the first time in a month, but tending Teisha’s kids instead while she went riding.Having a policeman come to my door telling me my daughter had been in a horse accident and was on her way to the hospital. Kind of “freaking out”, calling whoever I could think of to help.The kind man who walked Wayfarer back from the accident site.Finally getting to the ER at Ogden Regional and “freaking out” again to see my daughter in such agony.Watching Teisha lift off in an Air-Med Chopper and having the attendants tell me to be sure and say good-bye.Giving Heather my cell phone to make all the phone calls and try and get hold of Aaron.Driving down to the U-Med center.Surgery waiting rooms. Aaron finally arriving after his sister got him a plane ride from St. George.Driving back and forth to SL every day.
Having so many people praying and caring.
Taking Wayfarer in the trailer to visit Teisha at the Wasatch Care center.
Crying.Finally getting Teisha home. Being glad our bathroon was wheelchair friendly. Riding Shrek up the mountain trail and looking back to see Bob on the ground, unconscious. Feeling, “oh no—I am going to have to call 911”Watching Bob finally come and get up, get back on Biscuit and finish the ride. Riding a little further up the trail, then having Bob say he wanted to ride back now, because he was a little sore.Trying to talk Bob into going to the Dr.Taking Bob to the Dr. the next day, discovering he had broken ribs and pnemonia.
 Bob into taking natural things such as cayenne, Shaman and colloidal silver instead of the antibiotics
.My 60th birthday party the kids threw for me while Bethany was here. The poem Caleb wrote and he said something like, “I want to write about the Mom I grew up with, not the New Age one in-touch-with-her-feelings.”Bethany coming out to help. Grandpa Nelson passing away. Bob speaking at the funeral a week after his accident. Bethany & family coming out again.
Having an adult family portrait taken at Justin’s house.
Selling Biscuit.
Watching Heather, Rob, and Aaron play sand volleyball at Cherry Days. Watching Teisha work Wayfarer in the round pen with a rotating chair… River’s Birth (she is such a sweetie). Teisha & Aaron Moving to Cache Valley. Lots of fabulous rides, Snow Basin, North Fork, including riding through the fantastic rocks and bison on Antelope Island.
Bob taking an oil painting class and showing us one of his wonderful talents. Having Teisha ask to borrow my cell phone, so she could go on a solo road trip to Capitol Reef.
Getting my own digital camera.
Having a black cat show up on our doorstep. (It’s supposed to mean prosperity ahead)
A wonderful relaxing UEA weekend, ending just a day before….
Bob’s widow-maker near miss. Trying to talk him into going to ER for over 6 hours AFTER he had been having symptoms for the previous 6 hours.
Driving back and forth to the hospital. All the wonderful prayers and help from everyone.
Caleb being awesome in the Scarlet Pimpernel. I saw it FOUR times!
Amberle’s play Thoroughly Modern Millie and having the fire alarm go off in the middle and evacuating.
Attending Carol Tuttle’s 3 day Energy Healing 101. Thanks to Bob for letting me go even though he had only been home from the hosptial for 2 days.
Taking Bob into the ER again for foot and knee pain when a Baker’s Cyst apparently ruptured. Visiting Bethany for Thanksgiving with Teisha, Aaron and kids. Entreating angels to find a way that Aaron could get off work. It happened!!!
Bethany & Brandon’s fabulous food and hospitality. Teisha looking for gerbils. Getting some. Taking them back. Then, finally getting some more. Remembering the fun I had with gerbils as a kid.
A fabulous 40th anniversary party and wonderful new additions to the Book.
A fun family Christmas party.
Spending Christmas Eve with Teisha Aaron in Nibley. All the incredible miracles and angels that are my family and friends…I love you!!!


Wildbound said...

Nice! I even cried a little bit...

Wildbound said...
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Bethany said...

The animated Pocohontas said, "What I like most about rivers is you can't step in the same river twice, the water's always changing, always flowing."
This is why we journal. To remember where we have stepped. Nice job Mom. Love,B

Ahenobarbus said...

I could feel the deep wells of thought and emotion that went into writing this great summary. Thanks for being so sharing with your life and your family, Judy.

TheaterGeek said...

I cried too. I love you, Judy.

backpackingbabe said...

Great blog, mom. Funny and sweet. Keep them coming. Love, H