Friday, August 31, 2007

Escalante Bound for Everett Ruess Days

Just letting people know that we will be going to Escalante for Everett Ruess Days Art Festival. Go to I have reserved a booth to sell jewelry and rugs. It is October 5-6. I am busily working on preparations for that. The Grand Staircase theme and all. I am working on a new Grand Staircase Collection named after actual geographical features in or around that monument. Petrified Forest, Pine Creek, Boulder Mountain, Sand Creek, Silver Falls Creek, Blue Spruce Camp, Sugarloaf, Waterpocket Fold, Sunset Flat, Pinto Mare Mesa, Hole in the Rock, King Mesa, Peekaboo Gulch, Brimstone, Red Breaks, Horse Pasture Mesa, Purple Hills, Oyster Shell Reef, Tarantula Mesa, Burr Trail, Anasazi Park....just to name a few options.
I do have another blogspot for my business. Just go to the link at the side, dreampacker newsletter.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Walk Like A BabyTarantula

Sorry don't know how to load appropriate music here. Sayyadina beware, do NOT watch this. This little sweetie was discovered by Nicoletta on our driveway. Tristano's hand for comparison. We had to chase Ninja (the cat) away a couple of times because she wanted to pounce it.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Storm Bound

A couple of snapshots of the storm the other day. In the one above, you can see the wind swirls whipping up the water in the Great Salt Lake.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hie to Kolob: Ogden 3rd Ward Girls Go There and Back Again

Trailblazer and I led a group of girls from inner city Ogden. Most had never been hiking before. Every one of them finished the 3 1/2 mile hike around the Bicentennial Trail in North Fork and then hiked some more after lunch to visit the Beaver Ponds. We were helping out Artwoman Sheila (Cowboy's Art Teacher). I showed them plants along the trail. Yarrow, Mullein, Asters, Snowberry, Coneflower, Geranium, Gumweed to name a few. And many of those DYCs. (Darn Yellow Composites)
Trailblazer: "This is the meadow.....been bringing scouts up here for 20 years". (Now named Bicentenniel Meadow after the trail it's on)
Artwoman: "Now there's a painting!"
Trailblazer in his element leading the way. Look for that cowboy hat.
Trailblazer: "that moose rack was this big on one side"

Artwoman captured a snake, mortifying some of the girls.

Subway for beginners: Cutler Creek Culvert, no ropes required.
"Go towards the Light"

We all had a great time. Even Shanea who did the entire hike in flip flops. She found out that flip flops have no traction on muddy trails. She's the one grinning in the photo above. Later, we all went back to Fort Buenaventura and made gemstone bracelets on a Creation theme. Unfortunately, didn't get any photos of all the awesome bracelets. Not only did the memory card get misplaced, but the camera surrounding it. It finally showed up at the end of the night.