Friday, November 18, 2011

Colorado Trip, September, 2011

Grand Mesa Nat Forest

Heading up the Grand Mesa

One of the Grand Mesa Lakes

From the top of the Grand Mesa, looking out toward the Gunnison River Valley

Margarita Pizza with fresh garden tomatoes...not quite sure why it's called that.

Daddy and new daughter
Along State road 191, north of Vernal

In the Ashley Nat Forest, between Vernal and Flaming Gorge

At a rest stop, along State Hwy 44 between Flaming Gorge and Manila

An amazing (I think) view of Flaming Gorge

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mark Rashid Clinic, Bluff, Utah


I took a LOT of notes!

Mark and Bob, one on one

View from our Hosts back yard

A few of the awesome people we met

Mark entertained us with cowboy music. Great!

Spirit patiently waiting 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Photo Shoot for a Dragonfly

Yesterday, while working in the yard, there were hundreds of dragonflies swooping about doing their thing...presumably, hopefully, it is eating mosquitoes.  I noticed one golden one perched on a rose hip.  He stayed there for quite a while.  I took a couple of photos of him with my phone.  He then seemed to say, "Go get your good camera.  I want a photo shoot."  So, I walked into the house, retrieved my camera and began taking photos for about 15 minutes.  Sometimes, he flitted onto another flower, seeming to say, "Hey, look at this side;  Get a top view!  Look, I'm smiling!"  It was a fun photo shoot for a cute little guy, probably dead by now.
Click on the photos to a larger view...

I'm smiling....