Saturday, March 31, 2012

End of a Cottonwood Era

The cottonwood trees were on the property when we bought it 33 years ago.  Through the years, that grove became the "treehouse", a magical place for children to play in.  Evergreens were planted west and east along the property line to the "alfalfa field", which eventually became Greystone subdivision.  The cottonwoods soared high and the roots grew plentiful under the asphalt driveway.  In 2006, Bob made a decision to take down as many of the trees as possible to prevent a possible "falling on the house or cars".  They took down several trees, including one that was still very much alive and heavy.  The wind caught it, it twisted, and it came down on the garage roof, causing some damage.  (daggone, I didn't get a photo of that).  Thanks to insurance, the cost of the damage was covered.  

The trees in 2006 before the carnage

2006, beginning of the chain saw massacre

This was not the one that fell on the garage, 2006

aftermath, 2006...sniff***

At least we got some nice wood.
Fast forward to 2010.  Look at the background, several new trees have sprouted up to 20+ feet
Fast forward again to 2012.  Several of the trees are dead or have partially died.  A strong windstorm brought down 3 dead ones that lodged themselves among the living. At least they caused no damage at that point.  Tree Blazer Bob determined to bring them down.  
March 23 2012, Before and after

We used chains and truck, just the two of us

And brought down all three dead trees

Determined to "take care" of the rest of the trees, some of which were still alive and some were half dead, Tree Blazer Bob  hired a neighbor with a back hoe.  March 30.  Holy Back Hoe!  Wow, it can sure do a lot of damage.

At several points, Back Hoe Rider Bob had to ride up in the bucket to saw and to attach towing straps.

"That was kinda scary", quipped Cowboy Bob.

Thankful for good neighbors willing to lend a hand and a chain saw.

It looks like wind storm destruction of great proportions, but at least we had some control.

I miss the trees.  We even took down one huge pine tree that was dying from the top down and it's little friend, a volunteer cherry tree.  Wow, what a project!

The only casualties were: the tree water system; the basketball standard, and a few sprinkler heads and pipes, and 3 young cottonwood tree sprouts.
We did have to leave one standing.  However, he promised me he won't fall down.