Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hoo Dooing with the Goblins

We left the drizzling snow of North Ogden and emerged via time travel in the Valley of the Goblins about 4 1/2 hours later. The temperature was perfect, in the low sixties. No bugs. What a perfect place to camp in April (other than crowds). However, we did snag the nearly perfect campsite--secluded and sheltered. Number 19, if you're interested. We made reservations in Feb.

"Man Talk" among the Rock and Trailblazer.

After camp was set, we relaxed, played some Bocchi Ball.

And then some of us found a quiet, sunny place to read.

Cliff side view of camp.

The next day, Friday dawned fair and lovely, temperatures in the sixties. We all trekked to Little Wild Horse Canyon. We hiked and climbed until the water deemed it unwise to continue. Still, a lot of fun!

After lunch and naps for some of us, we visited the actual Valley of the Goblins and played and hiked. By then, a front was moving in and the temperatures dropped and it became cloudy and breezy.

Zach and the mushrooms.

Now we can say we have visited Goblin Valley.

Hmmmmm. Wonder where "Galaxy Quest" was filmed. This cave looked interesting to Trailblazer.

The weather remained great for dinner and an evening of hot dog roasting, smores and Camp Ball.

Beautiful dusk at the close of an awesome day. View from our camp.

During the night, a storm moved in with wind and rain. By morning, it was blowing and drizzling enough that our tent was upstaked, became unstable and fell down. We packed up in the rain with wet gear and decided it was time to hightail it out of there. Trailblazer and I were the last ones out of camp and it had stopped raining around 9 am. We took one last drive to the Goblin overlook and got some great photos.
The Henrys from Goblin Valley.

Don't know the name of these, but they reminded me of carved Chess pieces.

We stopped for a few minutes at the Visitor's Center, then were on our way out as we passed Tristano and Nicoletta! They had braved the bad weather to give it a try. We exchanged greetings and then went on our way home by way of Salina and I-70. We stopped at almost every view point, because we thought the Rock family was behind us.
Gorgeous view from the Ghost Rocks View Point overlooking Caine Wash.

Ghost Rock framed by snow covered branches. was cold up there, having just snowed.

From Castle Valley View point looking toward the Muddy Creek Wilderness and Capitol Reef.

Wonderful trip...met some new friends and bonded with familiar ones. Thanks, Desertbound for inviting us.