Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Arches, Megahertz and CNM again

Our original intention was to hike the Fiery Furnace. However, we arrived too late and all of the permits were gone for the day. Instead, we drove to Devil's Garden and hiked to some arches. A beautiful day...perfect for hiking. Trailsweeper Bob...
I named these formations...Rhodes Bake and Serve or perhaps the "Biscuits".

Unusual formation near Landscape Arch.

Pine Tree Arch with beauties at the base...

Fine Yucca

Fine couple, Rock and Desertbound

Tunnel Arch

Sisters are Pals, too.

Mayflower finds a sandy slot...

After a few hours of hiking and lunching, we drove to GJ by way of the Colorado River Canyon and Cisco the Ghost Town. Arrived at GJ for a great slumber party with wall to wall beds.

Cute little Megahertz, Nutmeg or Nutter Butter

Monday morning we visited Colorado National Monument with Bethany and kidlets. Mayflower stayed on too and came home with us. It was fun seeing the monument after a fresh snow storm.

This is a "canyon within a canyon". Notice the V shaped canyonette in the center.

By the time we reached Cold Shivers Point, it was snowing again and we had enough.

Thank you everyone for a great time! Rock and DB for going to Arches with us, T and N for hosting us all and Bethany and kids for joining us at CNM.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Guidebook to Canyonlands, 1974

I found a book that used to be my brother's called "Guidebook to Canyonlands" published in 1974. In the chapter on Arches, it talks about the Fiery Furnace...
"Tourists are not allowed into the Fiery Furnace alone. In fact, there are locked gates to prevent unauthorized persons from wandering into the convoluted canyons and becoming lost. Guided tours...are conducted by the Park Service during the summer season. Contrary to the impression given by its name, it is usually 8-10 degrees cooler than other sections of the park because of its deep, shady canyons. It was named for its fiery glow in the evening sunset, not its temperature.
...it encompasses roughly eight square miles of towering monoliths, natural bridges, arches, and pinnacles of swooping graceful form."

In another portion of the book..... about Park Avenue.
"the second parking area for Park Avenue is close to a large formation resembling a pipe organ. Park rangers have given up trying to place a marker by The Organ, as the sign is continuously removed by pranksters and placed at the foot of some towering phallic pinnacle."
Raye Carlson Price, 1974

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fisher Towers area

View of Fisher Towers

Another view of Fisher Towers

Colorado River near Fisher Towers

Priest and Nuns, near Fisher Towers

Travelling from GJ to Moab...
Finding "Treasure Hills" instead of just ordinary Sand Hills.

Things I love about the Fiery Furnace

Kissing Turtles Arch

Red Rock, Sand and Color
Pothole Reflections
My Own photo of Skull Arch
Taking photos of Wildbound rock scrambling
Looking down the Grand Stairs of the Furnace
Scenery to die for

Catching the light just right

Having Wildbound catch me in the light just right

I had forgotten how much rock scrambling and climbing there is--but it is fun.
Most significant thing! I can NOW guide a tour through all by myself. I learned all the landmarks. I can easily guide someone to the Little Bridge, Skull Arch and Surprise Arch.