Sunday, November 1, 2009

Antelope Island 2009 Bison roundup

Upon hearing that the Bison roundup (or buffalo depending on who you talk to... It's a Bison Roundup, but you eat Buffalo Burger.) was today-- we finished our manure mucking chores and headed out to the island, hoping for a chance to ride anywhere we wanted, as happened last year when we got to ride South of the ranch. We just about didn't do it when we found they had changed their policy and required a $25 permit for anyone to ride this weekend. It permitted us to ride anywhere and to actually herd the bison if we wanted. Workman's comp even applied if we were injured because it was a State run event. We found the round up group half way to the Ranch, but the herd was pretty much stationary and the riders were just sitting around. I read in the paper this morning, there were over 200 riders. I also found out that the bison were "very stubborn" and were grazing and drinking at a siesta when we saw them. We also read that three horses were gored by angry animals.
Some of the trailers parked at the ranch...
That didn't look like too much fun, so we went down to the ranch and rode toward Sentry Peak.
The trail was much softer than I remembered--appeared to have been "graded" and widened in most places.
Looking north. This was an attempt at a self-portrait. This was my first ride with my "good" camera. I retired the old one, due to a scratched lens.
We were able to ride a trail that is usually off limits to trail riders and we spied this multi-pointed buck staring at us.
Then a doe...she's just in front of that middle bush.
A nice vista with the Oquirrh mountains in the background.
This trail eventually led to the beach on the other side, but hadn't allowed enough time. It would have been another hour of riding.
I thought these rock formations in the background were interesting.
I love this shot.
More interesting rocks on another trail that is usually off limits.

Can you see Salt Lake City downtown?
This guy missed the round up.
Birds on the Buffalo.
After our ride, we put the horses in the trailer and drove to the west side of island at White Rock Bay. We spied these bison out on the beach. No food, no water...maybe they just like hanging out on the beach like we do.
White Rock Bay.
We grazed the horses for an hour while we waited for the sunset.

Memorable ride, beautiful sunset...yes, I am ready to go back again next week!