Friday, July 31, 2009

Canmore, Alberta

On our first day in Canmore, we spotted these elk bedded down right next to the freeway. Since it was raining steadily, we chose to take a "tour" of the Ammonite factory, featuring Ammolite, a rare gem found only in Alberta. It was interesting, but a total rip off for $10 as we were only shown the jewelry showroom and the guide read posters that we could have read for free. I had hoped to see the stones actually being polished or set.

No, I did not pick one up for a souvenir. A tiny, barely visible chip was about $40. The larger specimens as shown below ran about $30,000.

One of the more delightful experiences in Canmore was visiting their "Miner days" Art festival held in some Heritage gardens.

This wild bunny was visiting the gardens at the same time.

The average home in Canmore is about $850K. The one below is typical of the larger ones. This one below, I would guess at about that price or even more. Small building lots in the more upscale neighborhoods ran $700K-800K.

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