Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kira "steals" the show

Yes, Kira follows in her siblings footsteps. Maybe, not the lead actress with the solos, but definitely the "best" actress on stage.
"I guess I've always just been in my big sisters' shadows."
The play is extremely good, especially for a "ward" production.
True story, romance, ship crossing, handcart saga. The scenery, costumes, original script and original music all written by a ward member--totally top notch! Way to go Kira! Zach and Zander have parts, too. It was so fun to see Zach "greeting" the audience as they left, introducing himself. He was a riot on stage too with different "hats" for each scene.


Desertbound said...

Just got back from closing night! Loved it! Way to go Kira, Zach & Zander!

Little T said...

I could not agree MORE! Kira just beamed with personality. Also, there could not be any cuter cowboys dancing than little Zach & Zander with their white hats, jeans, and big grins. APPLAUSE. Little T.

Bethany said...

Wish I could have been there.

WildBound said...

Kira was by far the "best of show" She was amazing!