Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gingerbread Saga

Yes, I know my mom, Grandma Fizz was a Master Gingerbread House Maker and most of us can remember the Christmas get-togethers decorating those houses. In all those years, I have never actually MADE a house. I have made a few gingerbread men cookies. Little did I realize a degree in Architectural Design or some kind of Baking Engineering was required. (Unless you were like Fizz and had taken basic Woodworking classes, or like Bethany, the Cake Decorating Queen). I followed patterns and cut out with a pizza cutter. Little did I realize that the leavening in the dough caused it to expand and mis-shape itself. I made the Royal Icing, which was the easiest part. With no cake decorating tubes (I had given them all away), I just used a knife. One side of the roof broke in half and the top of the end broke off. I repaired these with icing. The roof pieces didn't coincide because of swellage. (Is that a word?) And this end piece looks like......well, I will let you GUYs guess that. Bob noticed it immediately.

One side piece caved in under the roof.

But, it doesn't look too bad from this side. OK, so it looks like a third grader did it. (They could probably do better). Oh, was an interesting? way to spend a snowed-in day.

Maybe next year I will get brave and actually do it as a project with grandkids and all.


CowboyBob said...

It surely made the house smell good for two days.

Bethany said...

I am laughing so hard. It's almost like a gingerbread log cabin. AWESOME!

Sayyadina said...

So cute! Glad you were brave enough to try it after the earlier fiascos!

WildBound said...

It's kinda chunky and plumpy.

Desertbound said...

That first picture at the top kind of reminds me of a lowly stable.

As for the rest...I didn't get as good a look through the tears of laughter:) Mom - you rock.