Thursday, September 18, 2008

Finding Elderberries

Beautiful ride....the leaves are already changing. Near the top of North Ogden Pass... As many of you know, I make elderberry jelly from wild gathered berries. This year we scouted many of the past locations. The North Fork and Coldwater Canyon berries suffered from winterkill. The snow Basin berries were few and far between. The numerous North Ogden Canyon berries had been decimated two years ago by the power company. I had given up on this project for this year. I decided to take Shrek for a ride and chose the Pioneer Trail up the bottom of the Divide and up to the top of the pass. The saddlebags were still tied to Shrek's saddle with plastic bags and clippers. I nearly took them off, but had the impression to leave them on, "just in case." What a surprise! The berry bushes had made a comeback--thousands of berries! After trooping through burdock and hound's tongue burs, I got enough to come home and make about 14 half pint jars.


Bethany said...

"Pioneer Trail" seems appropriate. You are one.

Sayyadina said...

Just one of the many ways you are my hero.

Desertbound said...

The elder berries know better than to hide from you.