Sunday, August 3, 2008

What will you Do now?

The answer is "anything I want to". It is official now, retirement from the Treasury Dept. That doesn't mean retirement from work. It is now a "Point of choice". Notice below a photo of some co-workers wishing me well. They made me a banner that said "Happy Trails ". I have many good memories for the 20 plus years spent there. My favorite position was that of an instructor for Account Adjustments and Customer Service. I was able to incorporate my creative skills. My other favorite job was Customer Service on the phones, answering phone calls from all over the U.S. Helping people. I was one of the "good guys".
JT hosted a little family get-together honoring my retirement. We had fun and food and a little volleyball. Yeah, JT! Look at that expression. Also look at the Rock, who slid into a mud puddle. Sorry, I missed that action on film.

MD, way to go.

Tristano's serve.

A nice time was had by all. Thank you, family for your support and love!
I will now be pursuing aromatherapy, jewelry, rug-making, sewing, quilt making, healthy food preparation, regular exercise, horse-back riding, spending quality time in Nature and with family and perhaps some Life Coaching. I have even toyed with the idea of working one day a week at Snow Basin in the ticket booth. Maybe with free ski passes, I would take up skiing again. Who knows?


Desertbound said...

Yea! Congratulations, Mom!

WildBound said...

Wow! I'm so excited for you! Skiing? Talk about exercise!

Bethany said...

Time to choose is well deserved for you, Mom. Congrats!

CowboyBob said...

Does anyone have suggestions on how I can keep up with her?

Sayyadina said...

Take Cayanne.

Congrats, Mom-in-law! I'm so excited for you.