Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Captivating Colorado

Through one sheep herd and at least three snow stormsParking lot where I parked, about 3/4 mile from the Ranch where we stayed:

Four pins from Utah. I met one of the others from Sandy. Her husband is a pastor.
View from the ranch looking East.

Hmmm. Good food. One of the lunch salad bars in addition to the regular lunch.
The "Screamer". I didn't try it, but was slightly tempted. Just don't care for those intense adrenalin rushes. It was jumping off a platform, then the ropes swung back and forth for about 5 minutes.
I did try the natural hot springs heated pools. Great!
The top of a rappelling platform.

The Captivating Retreat was just simply awesome. There were 450 women from all over the world including Sweden, Switzerland and Australia. I was told that over 10,000 applied for the lottery and some had been waiting 2-3 years for acceptance. I will be recapping some of the highlights in future posts and hope to share some insights I gained through interaction with all these Christian women who are seeking to develop a relationship with the Savior.  


Desertbound said...

Drive Safely.

Tristan said...


CowboyBob said...

I'm very proud of my wife. Love the light in her eyes.

Desertbound said...

Did you get to go rappelling? It looks like a beautiful ranch - yummy food, great views, etc. Can't wait to hear more :)

Muad'Dib said...

Sweet. Fun trip all alone, huh!
Love that Ben Lomond pic.

Sayyadina said...

It sounds so marvelous. I look forward to more of that Christ centered Life Coaching as you share what you learned.
Glad you're back. And glad you had such a blast!