Monday, February 18, 2008

Moab Memoriam

On a last minute decision I decided to venture down to Moab to attend the Ken's Lake memorial. I drove down and took Rebecca and baby Roxy and Mary Ann with me. Carol, Andrew and Trent joined us later. Then, Jeremiah and Katie and three children, Caroline, Kylie and Isaiah.
Below photo is Melanie's house where I stayed for two nights. It's about 15 minutes southeast of Kevin's spec house. Kevin's spec home in Moab. The outside stucco is "Hansen Red" because Kevin requested it be blended to match the rocks in the background.

View from the property. It is backed by BLM land and trails that go all the way down to the Colorado River.

Looking Northwest from Brad's property (now Kevin's) toward Moab. It is east across the valley from Kevin's spec home. It is a nice lot, around 2 acres of sage, juniper, native cacti and even a cottonwood by the springs on the property.

Has some beautiful native cacti and a rock wall built by the former owner, which contains all manner of petrified wood, agate, quartz, jasper, pyrite,

View from the Hidden Valley Trail. Melanie's house is on the far right closer to the mountain. This trail is within walking distance of Kevin's house.

The Hidden Valley Trail...Fun hike for those who braved the chilly weather, and snow and ice on part of the trail.

A spectacular view from the Hidden Valley trail.
The famous "urn". The same one that was in the Relief society room in South Jordan, at which some one admiring the pot accidentally spilled some ashes on the carpet. When it was discovered what had happened, people hurriedly picked up as much as they could with their hands and put them back. Upon hearing what had happened, Carol said "You can only pickup so much. Time to get the vacuum."
A portion of the "gathering". There were about 60 people and assorted dogs...
Kevin spreading some ashes at the lake shore.
No wonder Brad loved the view from Ken's Lake.
Shelley (Faith's daughter brought some balloons for all to release. It was beautiful to watch them drift toward the mountain.)


WildBound said...

Wow! Some gorgeous photos...and I would love to see/camp on Brad's old far out of the town of Moab is it?

Sayyadina said...

Those were beautiful pictures! I'm glad you had a memorable time.

DreamPacker said...

Brad's old property is about 10 minutes from downtown Moab.

Tristan said...

Very nice pictures. Kevin makes a nice house. It would be fun to go and visit those areas.

Wildman said...

Should have been there. I am sure Brad will attend to many more of our adventures now that his schedule is a little more free.