Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Yes....there are still Wild Places close by

I have been to Antelope Island several times before and have ridden along the trails on the east side and up to Sentry Peak (which was awesome). This time we chose to start from the west side at White Rocks Bay. We ignored the 30% forecast as advised by Weatherman Bob. As a result, we got some spectacular clouds, no rain and perfect temperatures in the 60s. We rode for nearly FOUR hours and covered somewhere around 14 miles. There were miles of soft cantering paths with spectacular vistas on all sides. Wow, this is quite the ride! We will be coming back here often. I am told that October through March is the time to come to the Island. Then, there are are no flies, mosquitoes or sand gnats.

This is Trailblazer Bob pointing out a geological feature. (Yes, there really is a Molly's Nipple on Antelope Island)
Looking north from Elephant's Head look out.
Looking northeast towards the mountains in the Ogden area.
The remnants of the bison round up four days ago. They are still in holding pastures awaiting their yearly exams and inoculations.
Looking back to where we started at White Rocks Bay. Not another person in sight or earshot for miles in all directions. Love that lone Juniper tree "trimmed" by the wildlife.
A particularly striking rock formation on Elephant's Head Trail.
The rocks on this island are incredible. The oldest rocks on this island are among the oldest on earth. The Farmington Canyon complex, 2.7 billion years old. They comprise the southern 2/3 of the island.
Quartzite ( metamorphosed sandstone) is found on the island in nearly all of the rainbow colors plus white and grey. One variety shown below is a conglomerate quartzite with a big chunk of red jasper in the middle and lots of agate pebbles.
Beautiful red rock and sage. In this case, it is red quartzite instead of sandstone.


WildBound said...

WOW! Awesome pictures. Beatuiul trailride, I'm so glad my parentals are outside and active...and riding the horses! Go CB and DP!

Desertbound said...

Great pictures! I need to go there...

CowboyBob said...

Don't need horses to go there. Great walking/hiking trails and campsites, too.

Tristan said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Bethany said...

Beautiful! I have really cool parents.